For me Faun is not just a band

Faun’s music signifies for me a piece of home I can always carry around. A world of its own that merges with mine. Floating gently but in no way lightweight. Complex and profound, you get never tired of listening. It carries you like water, draws you forth like a river’s stream, stimulating like swirling currents, still always mellow, emphatic and honest, simply natural. That is what I want to thank for.

Even deeper the pain and grief in view of the recent developments. You shudder to imagine where this newly taken path can lead to. Is there anybody to shake the sleeping Pan, to chase off the nightmare haunting him. I will try!

As a matter of course and for the sake of their music and message, Faun has to evolve and take advantage of the new opportunities changes promise. So far nothing is lost, however the risk that this development could lead into a direction that is no longer theirs seems to be very high.

In this controversly discussed situation I want to set a signal. This site wants to gather love notes and positive encouragement. Simply and without preconception, it wants to be a forum for fans, regardless to which community they adhere. It wants to help alleviating aching hearts and give a little hope. But foremost it wishes to be a place to highlight what should never be neglected: Thanks to Faun for their unrivalled music and the wonderful time spent so far!

If this project could contribute to support Faun and encourage them to continue their proper way, it’s purpose was served and I would be very happy.

Hopefully yours


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