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In deepest sorrow, after 14 years of creative inspiration, we take a temporary leave of FAUN, the founders of Pagan Folk. With their music Faun opened up a unique world full of sounds, myths and intense emotions leaving behind moments of tremendous happiness that made these past years a real present.
We are sincerely thankful!

In deepest distress, stunned and shocked we listen to their new album “Von den Elben” asking how could Faun - in the legitimate and reasonable strive to attract new listeners - take the dictate of a record label that can only lead into the banality of commercialism and mere folkism.

In deepest concern, we sincerely hope that this is not a final goodbye! Indeed, trusting in natural cycle of life, we hope that Faun will find the way back to their real selves.

The loyal and longtime followers and fans since the very beginning.


If you share this concern, feel free to sign our wish list . Take the opportunity to illustrate what Faun means to you.
Why you want this good-bye to be temporary.